School: Belcarra (Buachaillí)

Ballycarra, Co. Mayo
Seosamh Ó Heireamhóin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0094, Page 374

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0094, Page 374

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  1. A local Fenian Leader Henry Curry.
    Henry Curry lived in New Dublin. His house was situated on the road to Castlebar, about a half mile from Belcarra. It was knocked down by the Congested Board, when striping the land, and the stones were used to build a wall along by the road. The form they fence of the garden owned by the present Richard Connor. He was one of the leading Fenians in the county, and a man of great strength and endurance. It was said that he thought nothing of walking to places as far as Swinford and inspecting Fenians and come back again to his own home in the morning. He was a school teacher profession and later he taught in a room in his own house in New Dublin. His father had a small farm of land in the townland of New Dublin. The scholars used to help in the farmwork for the instruction they got. He was considered a rather severe teacher by his pupils. He died quite a young man being about 41 years. The people say he had a "knot in his guts,
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