School: Trian na gCléireach

Treannagleragh, Co. Mayo
Liam Breathnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0118, Page 114

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0118, Page 114

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  1. There was once a man living in Treenagheragh with his wife and they were very poor. They had a garden of cabbage and one pig. One day they killed the pig because they had no food night came at last and the man went visiting and told his wife to count every head of cabbage in the garden and for every head of cabbage to cut a bit of meat for it. She did so but in the wrong way. She cut the meat and left a bit of meat on every head in of cabbage in the garden and then she went to bed. When the man came home he forgot to ask what she did with the meat until morning. When he arose he asked her and she told him + they went out and the meat was gone. 'Oh' said the man we will have to go begging now and off they went. When they were going the man told the wife to pull the door after but she brought the door on her shoulders to Balla. They settled down these in the wood and they went up on a tree. There were not long there until robbers came counting the money the had stole during the day
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    AT1386: Meat as Food for Cabbage
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    Joseph O' Hora
    Treannagleragh, Co. Mayo
    Mr James Carroll
    Treannagleragh, Co. Mayo