School: Ceathrú na gCloch, Gleann Fraoigh (roll number 12806)

Carrownaglogh, Co. Mayo
Bríd Bhreathnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0128, Page 547

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0128, Page 547

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  3. XML “A Man from Glenree who Fought in '98”

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  1. A man called John Melvin, a native of Glenree, joined the French at Ballina in '98.
    He was a red-haired man but after his return home after the battle of Ballinamuck he was always known as "Seán Dubh".
    This is how he got the name "Seán Dubh" although he was a red haired man.
    Flying from Ballinamuck he was forced to sleep on the mountains and his powder got damp.
    When the neighbours heard he had come home they all gathered in to hear of the battle.
    Seán was drying the powder in a pot with some coals underneath but in his eagerness telling of the war, he forgot about the pot and the powder and kept mixing it away.
    The pot got too hot, the powder
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        1. 1798 (~642)
    Bríd Bhreathnach
    Bunnyconnellan, Co. Mayo