School: Garrdha (roll number 12721)

Garra, Co. Galway
Liam Ó hAnnracháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0026, Page 0069

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0026, Page 0069

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  1. Three or more boys can play this game. One boy stands in a certain place and the other boys stand about ten yards back from him. The boy who is standing out in the front has a ball. He throws the ball back over his head, Whichever of the boys gets it, he and all the other boys put their hands behind their backs.
    Then one of them shouts out "Queeny". Then the boy who is in front turns round. He guesses who has the ball and if he is wrong the one who has the ball has to go out and do the same thing. If he is right, he gets the ball again and he does the same thing over again.
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  2. - Lurabog Larabog -
    Any number can play this game. All except sit down on the ground and speads out their feet. The one who is standing has a piece of a stick and goes from foot to foot striking them as he goes, with the stick and saying:
    "Lurabog, Larabog, limery lock,
    Five mile at ten o'clock,
    I sat, I sung, I bake, I bung,
    A little black dog with his mouth cut,
    And for that reason pull in your black foot."
    Whatever foot he strikes when he is saying the last
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