School: Caitrín Naomhtha, Eachdhruim (roll number 14423)

Aughrim, Co. Galway
Pádraig Ó Ceocháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0029, Page 0311

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0029, Page 0311

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    sitting on a stone, and smoking a clay pipe. She asked one of the men to come down near her. He did so, and she gave him the clay pipe to smoke. When he took it in his hand, she said "You are saved now, and so am I". Then she disappeared. She was never seen in the fort since that day.
    There is a fairly large door leading into the fort, and steps going down under the ground.
    There is a well underneath, and the people from the district get water there.
    (Betty Carty, Northbrook)
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  2. There are several forts in this district. There are three forts in the hill of Aughrim quite close to one another. There is also one in Lissavahan and another in Boston.
    There is one fort in the hill of Aughrim and it is supposed to be the principal fort for the fairies. Several people tell very pleasant stories about this fort.
    One moon-light night, a man was going home after a gamble. and
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    Dermot Minton