School: Árd Raithín (roll number 6260)

Ardrahan, Co. Galway
Tomás S. Ó Meadhra
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0036, Page 0248

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0036, Page 0248

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  1. XML School: Árd Raithín
  2. XML Page 0248
  3. XML “The Red Berries”

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  1. At one time Cromwell passed through Tullira . All the people were hiding from him for if he caught them he would kill them . Seven men were hiding from him in an old don . While they were hiding and old woman came to them with a baby .The baby was crying and the men did not let her in because they would be caught themselves.
    Then the woman ran behind the wall to hide. Then the army came and caught the men and put them to death but never caught the poor woman .There were black berries growing there and the blood was spilt on
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    Seán Mach Feórais
    Cockstown East, Co. Galway