School: Fearth Mór (Brooklawn) (roll number 15508)

Fartamore, Co. Galway
Treasa, Bean Mhic Aonghusa
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0040, Page 0227

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0040, Page 0227

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  1. Fowl are killed before and on St Martin's day. This is done to honour him because on that day he died. The people say that a cock is the right thing to kill.
    Many stories are told about St Martin. Once when he was going to fight in the battle field, he met a man as he went in the gate. This man was hungry and badly clothed. St Martin stood talking to him and took pity on him to see that he was so badly clothed. He had nothing to give him, neither money nor a charity, so he took off his cloak and tore it in two halves and wrapped one half of it around the poor man. There were officers passing by and they did not pretend to see him.
    St Martin left the man and went in to the battle field and all the people were laughing about him to see what he had done to
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        1. Feast of St Martin (~177)
    Máire Búrca
    Martin Burke
    Lehid, Co. Galway