School: Feilm (roll number 10786)

Farm, Co. Galway
T. Ó Domhnaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0013, Page 021

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0013, Page 021

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  1. February 9th 1938
    "Local Fairs"
    There are fairs held in all the towns around here, they are held in Williamstown, Ballymoe, Ballinbough, Glenamady, and Castlerea. Sometimes a buyer comes out in the country to buy a beast but he would not buy it if he was not a good one.
    About fifty or sixty years ago there was a pig fair in Ballymoe, it was only once a year and that was on the second of February, but that fair is done away with now.
    The reason it was done away with was the Castlerea pig fair took the custom from it and the railway was too far from Ballymoe. There are no fairs held on hills or at crossroads but long ago all the fairs used to be held in these places.
    All the fairs around here are held in the streets except in Castlerea because there is a fairgreen in it. There is a toll paid on the stock that are sold in Castlerea to keep the green in good repair and keep the fair Committee up.
    They pay sixpence on a horse, and fourpence on a cow, and one penny on calves, and sheep, and lamb, and threepence on pigs.
    The person that sells a beast has to give a little money for luck
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    Kiltybannan, Co. Galway