School: Gort na Díogha (roll number 15587)

Gortnadeeve West, Co. Galway
Séamus Ó Dochartaigh Bean Uí Dhochartaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 043

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 043

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  1. A man seen approaching a house long ago with stick in hand and bottle of whiskey meant that he was going there to ask the young lady of house.
    A fortune at this time was something like a beast or two £5 or £10 each and perhaps a trifle of money. Gifts included plain homemade chairs (unpainted) bed clothing + leather beds. (feathers signified "luck" on this occasion)
    Young out to marriage:- Each partner goes on knees to parent and asks blessing.
    The young lady borrows 3 different things from 3 different persons eg. a hankie, garter on some such to wear on day of marriage. The mother of girl lies a little piece of manure in corner of a handkerchief and conceals this in daughters clothing (unaware of the young girl) (green unlucky) He arrives in his own horse
    Culóg= man + woman sitting together, back to back on horse. he in front and she holding on to horse's tail at back. Bride goes with some horseman to church and come backwash her own. Bridegroom be accompanied by some married woman to church Perhaps 10 or 15 couples at marriage.
    On arriving home after marriage, a woman meets married couple at door (these are first to enter)with an oaten cake made for the purpose. The pair
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    Thomas Hegarty
    Gortnadeeve West, Co. Galway