School: Ladhar an Chrompáin (roll number 14998)

Lyracrumpane, Co. Kerry
Pádraig Ó Súilleabháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407, Page 401

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407, Page 401

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    Once upon a time a man and his family were seated around a fire.

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    the cat and it happened that while he was telling the story, the keeper of a kennel came in. He said to Tom "Unless you do away with him he will do harm, and I'll tell you what you'll do. Bring him to the cross and I'll meet you with the hounds and they'll kill him". Tom went home and told the cat. Next morning Tom put him into a bag and carried him off. He scented the hounds and asked Tom if there was any fear, and Tom said "Hush, a weanach', there is no fear". The keeper caught the bag and cut it and the hounds sprang on the cat and killed him. But before they killed him he said to Tom, "When you go home tell my brother-een that, "maidirín na mbóthar a mhairbh fíonn na gcat".
    Tom went home and the cat asked him where his brother was and he said "maidirín na mbóthar a mhairbh fíonn na gcat". The cat made for his throat and the wife made for the cat and choked it. They had to cut a piece of the flesh to pull out the cat's claws.
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