School: Cloigeann

Cleggan, Co. Galway
Seán Ó Fathaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0004, Page 328

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0004, Page 328

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    is a good swimmer.
    The late Mr Tullock, Moyard often snuffed a lighted candle, placed on wifes head with a riffle shot.
    A strong man, Patrick King, Omey Island was one morning bringing seven pigs in a cart to a fair in Letterfrack when the horse failed to pull, he unharnessed him and pulled the cart and pigs himself the rest of the journey.
    John Mongan Attyguddane would mow four tons of hay in a day. Michael Pee, Cloon was a good turf cutter.
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  2. Michael Nee, Cloon, Cleggan, Co Galway was a very good mower. He often cut a whole field of hay in one day. Robert King, Cleggan was a good walker. He often passed the mail car on the road. In those days the Mail was drawn by two horses. When the horses would get tired they would take them out of the cart and get two other horses.
    Robert King was also a good runner, and high jumper. Mrs Hobberton, Farm-House, Cleggan often swam Cleggan Bay and swam back again. Miss Tullock, Shanbolard, Moyard often swam Cleggan Bay also.
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    Teresa Newman
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    Cleggan, Co. Galway