School: Naomh Seosamh, Baile an Ruadháin (roll number 15829)

Ballinrooaun, Co. Galway
Mrs Nora Lally
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0077, Page 333

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0077, Page 333

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    There were once a man and his wife who were very poor.

    There were once a man and his wife who were very poor. They lived in a little house in this district. Every day they went to a forest to cut wood. They were hungry, and very miserable.
    They met a pretty little fairy in the wood who said "I shall grant you three wishes". They were very glad and so they went home. After some time the wife prepared the supper as it was November's night. Suddenly a big sausage fell on to the man's nose and from his nose on to the table. The woman was very angry and she said do you prefer sausage to a big house. But a moment after, the man looked at his wife with the greatest surprise as the sausage was hanging from the end of her nose.
    I am ridiculous with this sausage, I am ugly and I want to be pretty. It is my fault said the man, I wish this sausage was not here. At once the sausage disappeared and the woman was as pretty as before, but she and her husband were as poor as ever. They never wished for riches
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    Veronica Kelly
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