School: Cornagon (roll number 15690)

Cornagon, Co. Leitrim
Frank Heeran
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0212, Page 108

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0212, Page 108

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  1. in former times potatoes were used in every house in this district almost at every meal. the breakfast consisted sometimes of stirabout and milk but in case of poor people who had no meal to make stirabout potatoes were eaten with dip. When milk was scarce dip was made from bacon. a slice of bacon was fried on the pan and some hot water added to the oil to make the dip plentiful. other times a sup of milk was put on a saucer some salt put on it and this served as dip.Dip was also made from butter. The pan was put on the fire and hottened. Then the butter was put on the pan and rendered and the potatoes dipped in it. Other times the butter was used to be put on a plate. Then the tongs used to be put in the fire and hottened. Afterwards it used to be wiped with a cloth to knock the ashes off it. Next the butter used be caught in the tongs and melted as so given a peculiar flavour all its own.The dinner and supper also consisted of potatoes and dip. Sometimes the people used to have "bruitín" Here is the way they used to make it. They used to get some boiled potatoes and roast them in the fire. Then they used to peel the potatoes and bruise them. Next they used to bruise in some butter
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      1. economic activities
        1. agriculture (~2,659)
          1. potatoes (~2,701)
    Margaret Mary Tracey
    Drumingna, Co. Leitrim