School: Finiskill (roll number 13075)

Finiskil, Co. Leitrim
Cathal Ó Floinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0219, Page 333

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0219, Page 333

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  3. XML “Old Stories - A Widow and Her Son Jack”

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  1. A long time ago not in your time or in mine there lived a widow who was very poor. One day her son Jack said "It has been long and it will be no longer." "Kill me a hen, cut me a stick, and bake me a bannock and I will go and seek my fortune." No sooner said than done. Jack bade his mother good-bye and started off. He had not gone far until he met a giant. The giant asked him where he was going and he said that "he was going to seek his fortune." The giant asked Jack to come along wth him so off they went to the giants house. They had a fine supper that night. When he got up in the morning the giant asked him how far he would be able to throw a sledge ten ton weight.
    Jack looked a the sledge and said "Well now it is just what I was long looking for." I have a brother a blacksmith in Scotland and he told me that any time I would come across a bit of scrap iron to throw it over to him. Now I may as well throw this over to him. "Oh no" said the giant "I couldn't do without my sledge. I'll tell you what you will do. My mother is very old and she is not able to carry water so you will dig a well here. "All right" said Jack "give me a spade and I will bring a lough right to the door." All she may do is to stretch out her gallon. "No" said the giant "we will
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