School: Mairnéulaigh

Inishcrone, Co. Sligo
Ann, Bean Uí Blachnaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0164, Page 310

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0164, Page 310

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  1. Long, long, ago, Children of Ulaidh who went to school often complained of being tired. One day their parents asked them "Why were they so tired," they said "When we go to school the teacher turns into a hare and we turn into hounds and we have to chase after him. "The people of the town agreed to have hunters to chase him. Next day the hunters chased him into the sea. When he got into the sea he turned into a black pig and he swam up the Bellawady River which means broken stick = because St. Patrick hit him with a stick on the back. One of the men touched the pig and got fits. A man in the field ran to a bundle of rushes and tired to get some water. He tired to bring some in his cap and his hands but he could not. One little woman ran and put her hands together and brought the water to him. It is a saying since that "A woman can put her hands tighter together than a man."
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    Constance Carroll
    Frankford, Co. Sligo