School: Druimín (Drummons) (roll number 13521)

Drummans, Co. Leitrim
Mártan Mac Gabhann
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0157, Page 045

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0157, Page 045

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  1. Every seventh son of a family without a girl born in between, or a seventh daughter without a son, has a cure for ringworm. Local people have great faith in this cure and it is more effective if the healer is of the opposite sex to the afflicted. It is also more effective when the cure is made on certain days.
    When a seventh son is born a living moth is placed in the baby's palm when it is supposed to die from contact with the child's flesh. Ever after this child has the cure.
    The cure is made as follows The healer presses the palm of the hand on the affected spot three times, saying some prayers each time. This completed the healer breathes on the spot three times and prays after each breath. After this is done for three days an improvement should be noted in the patient.
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    1. activities
      1. medical practice
        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
          1. medicine for human sicknesses
            1. ringworm (~99)
    Martin B. Mc Gowan
  2. This cure is also made. The cure is handed down from some old person. Anyone who needs the cure must bring a small piece of fresh butter to the healer and over this butter the healer prays. The butter must be rubbed into the swollen portion three times for three days, in the name of the Trinity. This cure is supposed to be very effective.
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