School: Ballysadare (B.) (roll number 7410)

Ballysadare, Co. Sligo
Seán Mac Sitric
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0176, Page 100

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0176, Page 100

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    When they were no cars or lorries in Ireland the people used to ravel by horse and cart.

    Funny Story
    When there were no cars or lorries in Ireland the people used to travel by horse and cart.
    Once upon a time, a man used to travel from Sligo to Dublin with the mail. All along the road every mile or two there was a place that he used to rest and get his meals. At this time in Ireland poteen was been made. One night when he went home he made five or six gallons of poteen. When he was finished making the poteen he looked out through the window and saw two police men coming along in a horse cart. he didn't know what to do with the poteen. Outside the door was a tank that the horses used to drink from and he emptied the poteen into it. When the police went in to raid
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    Ballysadare, Co. Sligo