School: Scartaglen (roll number 8184)

Scartaglin, Co. Kerry
D. Ó Dubháin E. Ó Murchú
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0448, Page 019

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0448, Page 019

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  1. Long, Long ago a soldier was walking along the road and he met a witch. "Good boy Soldier". "Good day old witch" cried the soldier. What lovely shoes and nap-sack you have she said. Well says the witch will you go back to that tree behind you in the wood, and you will see a hold in it just big enough for your body to get down. When you are down you will see three hundred lamps lighting in a hall, and you will see three doors. Open the first door and you will see a dog with eyes as big as tea-cups. Put my apron around hum and take him off the box if you want coppers. The witch spoke down to him and said Do not forget the tinder-lost "Right" says the soldier and he went on to the second door and there he saw a dog with eyes as big as mills. He did the sae to him as he did to the first dog. When [?], he saw the silver he threw away the coppers and got the silver. He went on the third door and there he saw a dog with eyes as big as towers. He did the very same to him as the two more. Well bigger the wonders were getting. When he saw
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      1. belief (~391)
        1. folk belief (~2,535)
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    AT0562: The Spirit in the Blue Light
    David Daly
    David O Connor
    Scartaglin, Co. Kerry