School: Tuairín Árd (roll number 14078)

Tooreenard, Co. Kerry
Liam Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0450, Page 025

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0450, Page 025

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  1. There was once a young boy who was returning from rambling from some house where he was playing cards.
    On coming home he saw a man lying near a ditch. The man had a small table which he could fold up and carry under his arm. The man stood up and saluted him and asked him for a game of cards the boy said he would and the man made a bargain with him that which ever won the three games the one that lost would have to give three days work to whoever won. The man that was lying near the ditch won the three games he told him his name was Seamus na Fios oige but he did not tell him where he was living The boy started the following morning and he told his mother to prepare his cake.
    Starting off in his journey in the morning he held travelling on until night when away in the distance he saw a small light he went away until he came to the house where the light was.
    When he went inside there was an old man sitting in the corner who welcomed and treated him kindly and gave him lodgings for the night.
    When morning came he asked the old man if he ever heard tell of a man named Seamus Na Fíos Oige. The old man said he did not but that he had power over all the animals in the world as he went out in the morning with his whistler and
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