School: Drumakill (roll number 6365)

Drumakill, Co. Monaghan
Florence Harrison
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 114

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0943, Page 114

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  1. Once upon a time there was a king and he had three nephews. One night he had a dream that before he died he would be asked three questions which he would not be able to answer. One night the king had a dream that his three nephews were going to kill him. The next morning the king chased the three nephews away. They went along until they came to a wood and it belonged to the king. The king sent out his servant to see where the three nephews had gone. The three nephews rose up and had a sham fight and they said that if the king saw them he would take them back. The servant came to the wood and saw them fighting. He ran and told the king and he took them into the house. The three nephews were fighting for which of them owned the wood. The first one said he owned the wood because his father gave him all that was crooked and straight in it. The second said he owned it because his father gave him all that was over or under the ground in it, and the third one said his father gave him all that was withered and green in it. The king did not know which should
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