School: Clashaganny (roll number 8051)

Clashaganny, Co. Roscommon
Albert Flanagan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0252, Page 230

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0252, Page 230

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  1. The Droughts of Cargins, Tulsk, County Roscommon.
    The Droughts lived in cargins to near the end of the last Century immediately after the aforementioned Dan kelly. The household consisted of the Captain and his wife and the servants. There were no children as far as I can understand. Lady Drought was an accomplished horsewoman and many is the Sunday the old people saw her either Driving in her carriage or riding her horse to Divine Service in the little church that stands at Clashaganny Crossroads. She had the reputation of being a very kind hearted woman, she always ded the wild birds that nestled around there and I believe all the neighbours in the vicinity were at liberty to have the loan of any Books they fancied out of the library in Cargins. The Captain did not reign long as master of this beautiful home having departed from "this vale of tears" when in the
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    1. processes and phenomena
      1. drought (~35)
    Michael John Connolly
    Manor, Co. Roscommon
    Rita Kelly