School: Beanntraighe (B.) (roll number 15135)

Bantry, Co. Cork
Dr. Mac Carrthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0281, Page 064

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0281, Page 064

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    to the plough, and to drag her around the field. They did so, and dragged her around the field after the horses until she was almost dead. They then went and threw herself and her family into a little cabin, and gave the farm to another man.
    The woman cursed her successor, so that, from that day until this, there has never been luck or grace in the same place, as any one that every bought it, has only a very short life.
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  2. Long ago there was a man minding sheep on Cnoc Duise, and he used not to go to any Mass, but every Sunday he used to pray in a certain place in the mountain. One day a man met him and at the end of their conversation the strange man insisted on the other to promise him that he would go to Mass on the following Sunday.
    When the following Sunday came, the shepherd started out early to go to Mass in Coomhola Chapel. When he entered the Chapel the sun's rays were shining in through
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    Patrick Cronin
    Bantry, Co. Cork
    Mr D. Cronin
    Scart Road, Co. Cork