School: Cor na Fola (B.) (roll number 1607)

Cornafulla, Co. Roscommon
Liam Ó Hannáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271, Page 050

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271, Page 050

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  1. Long ago there lived two brothers whose names were Peter and John. They were very poor, so they set out to earn some money for their families. They travelled for days but could find no work. One day they met an old gentleman who owned a big Castle which was haunted. He offered the brothers ten pounds if they could sleep in the Castle for one night. They agreed to do so.
    They went to the Castle and put down a good fire. They sat down at the fire until eleven o'clock, and then they went to bed. They were'nt long in bed when they heard some noise. Peter shouted who is there, a voice answered "get out of there that bed belongs to me. Peter called John to come on but John got afraid and said he would not. Peter got out and fought with the Ghost until twelve o'clock and the Ghost disapeared.
    Next day they met Gentleman and he asked them how they got on.
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