School: Ballyhahill (C.) (roll number 10686)

Ballyhahill, Co. Limerick
H. Fitzgerald
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0482, Page 270

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0482, Page 270

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    but at night it was opened up and served as a bed. It was called a "press-bed." The fireplace was never at the gable end but always in the middle.
    The chimneys were made of mortar and stones, but some poor people used an old tankard. It was no good, and let in rain, and made smoke. Poor people thatched their houses with rushes got from boggy land. The houses of the poor, were in all cases, made of mud, and consisted of only one room. There was a small mud house in Lisready long ago; it had only one room. There were thirty two props(?) of trees holding up the roof. Though there was a kind of chimney, the smoke was always coming out of the door and most of the family got tender eyes from the smoke.
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  2. Giants and Warriors
    There were many strong men in Ireland long ago. There was a giant buried in a field near Ballyhahill. Some people dug his grave up, and they only found his bones. People say he was forty feet high. In the meadow where his grave is, the hay over it is not the same as the hay in the rest of the meadow.
    There were giants in Tenekilla, and the big stone there was used by them as a table. That stone was very big long ago, but people put many
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