School: Drumdigus (B.), Cill Mhuire (roll number 13478)

Drumdigus, Co. Clare
Éamonn Mac Gearailt
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0600, Page 147

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0600, Page 147

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  1. Jack and the dogs.
    Once upon a time there lived a man called Jack McGuiness. He lived with his mother, who was a poor widow, in a small cottage. They were very poor, but they used always manage to have a couple of pigs to sell about the Christmass. This Christmas they had two pigs, like every year, and the market was to be on in a few days. So his mother said to Jack to go to market with one of the pigs. The night before the fair Jack did not go to bed at all. At about four or five o'clock in the morning he started off. He was only gone about five hundred yard when a little man with green clothes jumped out on the road. "Hello, Jack" says he, "and isn't it early you're out". Jack then noticed he had a big dog with him. The dog was the biggest and the fiercest Jack had ever seen and he was frightened. "How do you know my name" says Jack. "O, never mind", says the little man,
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