School: Achadh Fobhair (roll number 13853)

Aghagower, Co. Mayo
Hannah T. Kevilla
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 14_019

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0088E, Page 14_019

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    and round their waists and they have their faces covered with something so that they would not be known. There is a captain over them and he has them numbered. When they go into the house they wish the married couple luck and prosperity. The captain makes a speech and then he calls each strange boy on turn to sing or dance. If they dont get tea or porter or whiskey or if they are insulted they will go outside and do some damage outside
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  2. Once upon a time there was a man and his name was Séan na Sagart. He used to kill priests and give the heads of the priests to the government. One time he was short of money and he could not get any priests to kill and he thought of a plan. He told his sister that he was dying and asked her to bring
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        1. Seán na Sagart (~51)
    Kathleen Mc Donagh
    Mountbrown, Co. Mayo