School: Killmallock Convent School

Cill Mocheallóg, Co. Luimnigh
An tSr. Dimpna
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0528, Page 327

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0528, Page 327

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  1. In Kilmacow, near Knockfiorna, there lived a man named Tom McKinery, a small farmer. Tom, at the time of my story was very poor, for all his cows died and every misfortune befell himself and his family. Tom was great to play the bag-pipes, and he said to himself one day that he'd make his way to the towns and try his luck with his music. He fixed his pipes and off with him at break of day for fear the neighbours would see him. Passing by a furze bush whom should he meet but Donn Firinne, the Fairy King. He asked Tom to play for him but Tom refused saying his fingers were too cold. And 'twas true for him. God help us. But Dun Firinne shook hands with him and from that day on Tom McKinery was a charmed piper! The Fairy King gave him lots of money and told him to meet him the following evening and bring his pipes with him but, on no account, to tell any one. Tom gave his wife and family all the money he got and said he was off to meet a friend. Which was true for him.
    Tom was at the furze ditch in good time and there were awaiting him about 80 horsemen with the Fairy King. They welcomed Tom and spoke to him and told him that they were going to Clare Castle to steal a lovely lady, who was there and that they couldn't enter the Castle without a mortal man, but that he wasn't
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    1. gníomhairí (~1)
      1. neacha neamhshaolta agus osnádúrtha (~14,864)
        1. Donn Fírinne (~10)
    Helen Mitchell
    Patrick Kelly
    Cnoc Chill Mocheallóg, Co. Luimnigh