School: Ceathrú Clochar

Rocksborough South, Co. Mayo
Pádraig Pléimeann
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0101, Page 532

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0101, Page 532

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    Long ago the lived to little boys who had a very wicked step-mother.

    Long ago the lived to little boys who had a very wicked step-mother. They lived in aa very big palace. She used to make them go to the forest, and gather sticks for the fire. One day they went and they saw a beautiful gold bird who sang very sweetly. They ran after him but the couldn't catch him; and they had to come home without any sticks. She put them to bed without any supper and she had them up at seven oclock in the morning. They two of them went to the forest, and it wasn't long until they saw the gold bird, and one of them said "You gather the sticks and I'll run after the bird." He ran and he caught the bird and brought home the bird to the step mother, and it looked so lovely that she sent the little boys to the Kings palace- with it. When the King took it he noticed under its right wing "Whosoever shall eat my heart will find a bag of gold under his head each morning". At once he killed the bird and took out its heart, and gave it to the cook to fry in a pan. He sent
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    AT0567: The Magic Bird‑Heart
    Patrick Caulfield
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