School: The Neale (B.)

Neale, Co. Mayo
Tomás Mac an Bháird
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0103, Page 033

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0103, Page 033

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  1. The last faction fight in this district took place about eighty-five years ago, when three "camps" of the Farraghe faction came to the fair of Cong which was then held about a statute mile east of that village. These faction fights did not apply directly to this district as they were fought between the people of Ballinrobe and Cong but as the Neale lies practically mid-way between these two places more than probably some of its people were involved.
    It is said in connection with the fight above referred to, that the Farraghe faction was opposed by a party led by Mareus Cunalta (Nalty) who, when all his men deserted him, fought his opponents single-handed, and by the ruse of entering their tents from the rear and attacking those who defended the doors so terrified them that he was able to make good his escape by getting a boat at Funshinagh near Cross where he crossed Lough Corrib to Oughterard, and from thence to Dublin and London, and tales are told amongst the people here of his deeds of strength and bravery in these cities.
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