School: Tóin an tSeanbhaile

Tóin an tSeanbhaile, Co. Mayo
Pádhraic Mac Pháidín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0086, Page 283

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0086, Page 283

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  1. There is one ruin back on the side of Slievemore Hill. It is an "Altar" that the priests erected during the "Penal Days". They had stones standing under it and it must have taken twelve men to put it up, they were trying to capture the priests. It is about a half mile from the road and it is very large, it is about two feet from the ground and on a wet day a person could get shelter there.
    There is a big "Tower" on one side of Croghan and it is built square, it must have been very good mortar for if you try to knock it, it is like cement and cement was not known in those days. It is supposed to be built by the sea queen Graine Ní Mháille when she was fighting against the English. There is a big stone on one side of Slievemore Hill and it is called the "Star" and it is there a long time, there is a small cross cut in it.
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