School: Cúl Árann (Clochar)

Coolaran, Co. Galway
An tSr Fionnbharr Nic Chárthaig
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0020, Page 0013

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0020, Page 0013

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    aici seadh adeir an putach beidh mise ag dul ag marcuigheacht ar an searrach. Suidh síos a bhleggárd arsan t-athair an bhfuil tú ag iarraidh druim an searrach a bhriseadh.
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  2. There once lived two men named Big Claus and Small Claus. Big Claus did not like Small Claus because he was always getting more money. Small Claus’s grandmother died and Small Claus took her out in an ass cart to bury her and as he was passing the public house he went in to get a drink and the girl who attended him also filled a glass for his grandmother and went out with it to her but as she was giving it to her she knocked her over and Small Claus said she had killed her and he got a lot of money to keep him from telling it. He then went home and told Big Claus that he had sold his grandmother for a lot of money. Big Claus then killed his own grandmother and took her out to the market and started to shout, a dead woman for sale and the people started to laugh at him. Big Claus got very angry at this and he determined to kill Small Claus. He put him in a bag and set out for the sea. When he was passing the capel he went in to say a few prayers. Small Claus began to sing, I am going to heaven and one old woman heard him and asked him to let her go and he said he would and came out of the bag and let her in. When Big Claus came out he was surprised to find that the had got a lot heavier. When he came to the sea he threw the bag out but as he was coming home he met Small Claus driving a herd of cattle and he asked him how he had got there and Small Claus said that when he came to the bottom of the sea that he saw herds of cattle and he drove them up. I will go down and see can I find any said Big Claus so he went into a bag and told Small Claus to throw him in. So Small flung him in and he was drowned.
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Paddy Doyle
    Coolaran, Co. Galway
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