School: Ganntaigh (Ganty)

Ganty, Co. Galway
Sorcha Bean Uí Chlúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0034, Page 0222

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0034, Page 0222

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  3. XML “A Story - Three Like You”

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  1. There lived in a house one time a man and his wife, so this day he went out working in the field without his breakfast. After a while, he came in for it and his wife hadn't it ready. He said "It is time for me to be going now" and she said "Will you be long away." He answered, "I will come back when I meet three like you."
    So he went off until he came to a house and he saw two men trying to put a cow up on the house to eat the grass that was growing on the top of it. And he said: "Wouldn't it be better for ye to cut the crass and to throw it down to the cow?"
    And he went along until he came to a barn and he saw a man having
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