School: Luachra (roll number 15145)

Lisduff, Co. Galway
Eamonn Mac Giolla Choinnigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0038, Page 0312

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0038, Page 0312

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  1. V Story "The Black Sow".
    (Told by M. Disken of Castle Farm ???? which adjoins our village Clooneen.)
    The above named told me sometime ago of an experience (very strange to say the least of it) which he had on one occasion. Accompanied by a neighbouring lad of about 17 or 18 yrs of age, he went one night to Guinaltagh, (a townland about four miles from his home at Castle Farm) to the wake of a friend. He remained at the wake until midnight, and then in company with his pal, he set out for home about 1.30am. The night wasn't very dark as the moon was full, but was however parted clouded as it was threatening rain. However, they could easily make their way without a light in the shape of a flash lamp or lantern.
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    Michael Disken
    Castlefarm, Co. Galway