School: Mountbellew (roll number 12352)

Mountbellew, Co. Galway
William Hans
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0046, Page 0351

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0046, Page 0351

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  1. The local games are Blind Mans Buff, Hide-and-go-seek, Colours, Wan Wan thread the needle and Jack stones.
    When the children play Blind-mans-Buff one tries to catch the rest with a cloth around their eyes.
    When playing frog in the middle all the children get into circle and one goes inside the ring and close their eyes and catch one of the children outside and tell the name without opening their eyes.
    When playing hide and go seek one of the children count twenty and let the others go and hide and then the one that is seeking goes in search for the others.
    Nuts of May is played by dividing into two equal lines then every child gets a partner and go pulling one another.
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