School: Mountbellew (roll number 12352)

Mountbellew, Co. Galway
William Hans
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0046, Page 0356

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0046, Page 0356

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  1. There once lived a crowd of fairies who used to help a noggin maker to make noggins. A lovely girl was getting married. The fairies wanted to get the girl. They made up a plan that the night of the feast they would gather in the rafters of the house. One little fairy was to tickle the girl's nose with a wisp of straw then she would sneeze three times and if no one said "God Bless us", the fairies would have her. The night of the feast all the fairies gathered in the rafters and one little man tickled the girl's nose and sneeze. No one heard her with the laughing. She sneezed again and no one said anything. The last time she sneeze the noggin maker said "God Bless us," and when he did the fairies flung him down on the table and he told all the story of the fairies and he got a reward.
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    Phil Kelly
    Mrs Mary Gavin
    Gorteen, Co. Galway