School: Gort na Díogha (roll number 15587)

Gortnadeeve West, Co. Galway
Séamus Ó Dochartaigh Bean Uí Dhochartaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 084

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0016, Page 084

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    happened at each sandpit. He could hear the laugh and fun and they seemed to enjoy the mawling he was getting. There was a double ditch which he had to cross before he reached home and he was taken and flung over it but yet he was unhurt. Even to this day people do not like to convey a priest home after he has anointed a person at night.
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  2. Danial O Connell was one day walking in the streets of Dublin outside a hotel. When the gents inside saw him passing one of the gents took up a gold watch out of this pocket and said, "Bring out that gold watch and ask Dan what time it is". When the owner of the hotel brought the watch to Dan, he said who gave you this watch and the owner of the hotel said, I don't know someone of the gents inside in the hotel. Dan O'Connell went in to the hotel and to the first man he came up to he said,
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        1. Daniel O'Connell (~175)
    Thomas Brennan
    Knockmascahill, Co. Galway