School: Beale (1) (roll number 7660)

Beal, Co. Kerry
Martin Beasley
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 008

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 008

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  1. A local happening
    There was once in the townland of Litter a protestant family named Wrenn. The townland is about four miles from this place. This protestant family disliked priests very much. One time however there was a local station in Wren's townland and he said that on the [morning] of the station he would shoot the priest. Wren's servant heard him say this and he went and [told] the priest. The priest was not in the least bit af[raid] and on the morning of the station he wentand rode right round Wrenn's house. Wrenn could not see the priest thought he was watching for him to shoot him and still the servant could see him very well. After riding around Wrenn's house the priest went away to the station. After the station Wren pursued the priest and as it should happen Wren went into the house of another protestant who refused to pursue the priest with him. The priest got home alright and he said that from that time on Wren would have no luck. The priest was right and since that time Wren's followers are very unlucky. Since that time the Wrens have been evicted and people have taken goods out of their for their own [use].
    Dan Daly
    Bromore, Ballybunion
    I got this story from Edmund Costello who lives in Lensechane. [He] got it from this father-in-law and his father-in-law got it from [his] grandfather who lived in Litter at the time.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. events
      1. hardship (~1,565)
    Dan Daly
    Bromore West, Co. Kerry
    Edmund Costello
    Leansaghane, Co. Kerry