School: Beale (1) (roll number 7660)

Beal, Co. Kerry
Martin Beasley
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 009

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 009

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  1. A Local Happening
    In a fort about three fields from our school there once lived a serpent. The people were very much annoyed and frightened with this strange animal. He used to kill animals and sometimes kill the people. This fort is in the townland of Gullane. It is said that he was so big he used have to circle round the fort and when he used go to sleep he used be sleeping for two days. When he used wake he used go off in search of food and he used kill all the animals he used get. The people were so terrified that a courageous man from Ballyduff nine miles from here made up his mind to fight him. He got pointy spears made and he had a relay of horses. When he was ready he rode to the fort. When he came near it he found serpent sleeping. He drove his pointy spear through him. He at once mounted his horse and rode off. The serpent followed him. After a while he mounted a fresh horse. The serpent was following him but he was getting weaker and weaker with the loss of his blood. When he was crossing the Ferry or river which is now called the Cashen he fell into the river and got drowned. The man got home safely and the
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    Michael Lynch
    Doon West, Co. Kerry
    Terence Boyle
    Gullane, Co. Kerry