School: Clochar Muire, Tobar an Choire (roll number 12166)

Tobercurry, Co. Sligo
An tSr. M. Nioclás
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0171, Page 452

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0171, Page 452

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  1. A popular game among girls in our mothers time was 'Jackstones' Five smooth small stones make a 'set'. The players range themselves round in a ring. The one who is to begin the game proper is chosen by what is called 'Pinking', that is, each on turn takes the five stones, throws them up and tries to catch them on the back of her hand. Whoever catches the most begins the game and is not 'out' unless she fails in one of the different parts.
    1. Onesees. The player scatters five, takes one in her right hand, throw it up and as it is coming down catches one of those on the ground up with it, she does this until she has all off the ground
    2. Twosees. Begin as before, then throw up one and catch up two together from the ground with it, throw up again and take up the other two separately
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