School: Tuairín Árd (roll number 14078)

Tooreenard, Co. Kerry
Liam Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0450, Page 011

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0450, Page 011

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    Straightaway the King sent his daughter to an enchanted cave, where she was to be held prisoner for ever. After a short while he sent for the laundry woman and told her that he was now finished with her and with the post boy her son. "I have no more to do for ye now" he says, "but I'll send ye to my brother, another king who will have work for the two of ye.
    He wrote a letter and gave to the post-boy to give to his brother. They went for the road. Now they called in to a house convenient to the King's palace. The boy of the house knew them well and asked them where they were going. The post-boy said "To the King's palace in Ireland". The boy asked him had he any letter for him. He said he had. "Open it", says the boy, "and read it". "O, no, I couldn't do that said the post boy. "It might be better for you" said the boy. "Open it", he said again, and I'll write the same handwriting as the King, but a different letter. He did
    The contents of the letter was -
    "Dear Brother,
    Do away with these when you'll see them.
    Now the boy wrote a letter to the Irish King and says -
    Dear Brother,
    Secure and manage these two as good as you can.
    On they went and they reached their headquarters. The post boy handed over the letter to the King. Now when the King read the note from his brother, he thought nothing was too good for the two and he did all in his power to make them comfortable.
    After a fortnight the brother-king came on, and he says to his brother, The Irish King - "Why didn't you do what I told you to those two". "Sure, I did, says the Irish king. "No" says the brother, didn't I tell you
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