School: Snaidhm (B.) (roll number 8251)

Sneem, Co. Kerry
Muiris Mac Gearailt
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0468, Page 008

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0468, Page 008

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  3. XML “Dialogue Between St Patrick & Oisin”

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  1. The latter maintains that God is not Stronger than Osgar until it is proved to
    Dá bhfeicinn-se Osgar agus Dia
    Lámh ar Láimh ar Cnoch na BhFiann [?]
    Dá bhfeiceinn-se Osgar ar lár
    Annsin a dearfainn gur fear láidir Dia
    T.G.: A Chaillig a tSodair fan socair
    Agus deanfad rann duit
    An Cailín: Tadhg Gaodhlach buidhe méiscreach
    Tá na fir a dtroscadh agus ta deabhadh orm.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. agents (~1)
      1. supernatural and legendary beings (~14,864)
        1. Fianna (~595)
          1. Oisín (~27)
        2. saints
          1. Patrick (~489)