School: Mount Plunkett (roll number 8096)

Mountplunkett, Co. Roscommon
Bríd Ní Bheirn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0265, Page 247

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0265, Page 247

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  1. Once upon a time there lived a poor miller. The poor miller told the king his daughter was able to spin straw into gold which the poor girl was not able to do. The king was very glad at this so he sent for the girl. He set the girl to spin a houseful of straw into gold. She was not able to do this so she began to cry. Just then a wee man came into the room and told her he would spin the straw to gold if she would give him her gold ring. She did so he turned the straw to gold. In the evening when he came to the room and saw all the gold he got very greedy and he said he would marry her if she would spin more gold So he put her into a larger room. She began to cry again and the little man appeared again and he said that he would change the straw to gold if she would give him her first born child. She consented and he spun the straw to gold. When the King saw this he married the miller's daughter.
    The day the first born child was born he came. The girl would not give the child
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    Malachy Kilcline
    Killeenrevagh, Co. Roscommon