School: Presentation Monaster, Ceann tSáile

Kinsale, Co. Cork
J. K. O' Connor
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0319, Page 258

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0319, Page 258

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  1. At night during the periods of martial law the constables appointed by the Corporation would parade the streets, and the yeomen would scout the country. Should Jack Fare or any other constable happen to hear a sound in a house or notice the glimmer of a tallow candle through the chinks of a window of a shutter they would bang the official staff on the door and shout "Lights out!".
    The yeomen travelled even beyond the liberties of the Corporation. It is told that J. I. Heard Sovereign, and his party of raiders spent two days searching all the country from the Dock to Kilbrittain, and returned "dog tired" without the satisfaction of meeting a single Whiteboy
    One night they went to a house in Garryfeasoge[?] in which according to reliable information a trouble some Whiteboy was hiding. Heard posted a cordon around the house, and, accompanied by Richard Armstrong, went to the door, knocked, the door was opened by a woman, and Heard in his brusque voice thus addressed her
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