School: Baile Nóra, Corcaigh

Ballynora, Co. Cork
Úna Ní Laoghaire Ss Ó Longaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0389, Page 419

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0389, Page 419

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  1. About four miles from the City of Cork on the road to Waterfall there is a field known as bearna crochaire. There was a gap into the field long ago and inside in the middle of the field there was a very large tree. It is said that the White boys were hanged on this tree long ago. The tree was blown down some years ago and was given to the people around the place for firewood.
    There was a man living in the same field up to about forty years ago. This man was known as Michael bán. It is said that he was one of the White boys.
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        1. secret societies (~18)
          1. Whiteboys (~74)