School: Srónaill (Shronell) (roll number 15008)

Shronell, Co. Tipperary
Liam Ó Catháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0580, Page 241

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0580, Page 241

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    went along after his heels till he reached home for fear he would loose any of it. Damer told him if he lost any of it he would (rather) take it off of him.
    Before Damer died an old crow stole in the window where the gold was and took a piece of gold and carried it to nest in a tree near by. One day the men were cutting the tree and when the tree was knocked the gold fell out and the men got it.
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  2. 1. One time Bill Orchard was working with a priest. This day the priest asked him to cut the hedges that the bishop was coming and Bill said he would. In the evening the priest went out to Bill and he told him to take(s) the thorns off the path. Bill said to hem, "Sure tis not barefooted he is coming.
    2. One day Bill Orchard was sitting down on the road side and a priest came along he was coming to a friends house and he asked Bill where it was and he was so lazy it was with his leg he showed the priest. The priest said to him, "I will give you a
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    AT1950: The Three Lazy Ones
    Thomas Ryan
    Lattin East, Co. Tipperary