School: Srónaill (Shronell) (roll number 15008)

Shronell, Co. Tipperary
Liam Ó Catháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0580, Page 258

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0580, Page 258

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    the wild boar on Sliabh Much. Fionn established it as a meeting place. It became a fair ground two hundred years ago, in olden times when the people had no money only by swapping, this used to be done at Knocarding. Liam Dall and Seán Clárac Mac Domnaill, used meet there 160 years ago. And they would have a great arguement over the least thing. The fair used to be held on the seventh of November. It was the railways that brought it down.
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  2. About twenty years ago a man a was going up to Téid oDwyers of Toor from Looby's of Deerpark a distance of about two and a half miles. And on his way he passed through the Cross of Shronell and then proceeded on his journeys when he was near the bridge of Ballinahow a cat came out of a field which was then owned by Paddy Mc Grath and which is now owned by the O Dwyers and said to hime "Oh man oh. when you go home, tell Moll Roe that Paul Duady is dead." The man was very angry
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