School: Clarecastle (C.)

Clarecastle, Co. Clare
Aoife Ní Mhíodhcháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0607, Page 466

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0607, Page 466

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    St. John is also the patron saint of the Holy Well and his patron day falls on the 24th June. On that day many people visit the well and put great great faith in the influence of what is known as rounds.
    The Abbey is situated in a very beautiful spot overlooked by a lake and was presented to the Order who resided there by the local landlords.
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  2. Saint Senan was in a room one day, and it was his turn to bake the bread He had no light, he prayed to God and held up his five fingers and they began to light A man that was passing by saw the light and looked in through the keyhole.
    When the saint saw him he prayed that the spy would be blind and immeadtly he turned blind but the spy was very sorry and he begged the Saints
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