School: Cloran (roll number 5282)

Cloran and Corcullentry, Co. Westmeath
Síle Flynn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0725, Page 0296

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0725, Page 0296

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  1. Three Bacachs went to the fair of Fore. They pooled their alms and bought a wether to eat. The Drumcree beggarman said they would kill it at Drumcree. The Maypole said it must be killed at Maypole. The Glenidan bacach swore it must be killed nowhere else but at Glenidan. Then began the battle of the crutches, and you could hear the sound of the sticks all over the fair. From the top of the world to the bottom there was never seen a greater fight but it ended in a draw as no beggarman was man enough for the other two. The baron of the fair had to be called on to arbitrate. He said he would give judgment on behalf of the oldest.
    "How old are you" said he to the Drumcree Bacach.
    "Old enough" says he "When I was a young man my father bought a ship load of knives and forks. I sold none. I broke none I gave none away and this is all that's left of the cargo and he showed them an old knife and fork that were worn to the handle from use.
    "I'm older than that" says the second bacach. "When I was a young man my father bought me a ship load of scissors, thimbles and needles. I sold none. I broke none. I gave none away. They made clothes for nobody but myself. And see now the very last three of the cargo" says he showing a scissors, a thimble and
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