School: Askamore (roll number 15675)

Askamore, Co. Wexford
Margaret McGrath
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0895, Page 094

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0895, Page 094

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  1. Once when Cormac was in Tara he saw on the green, a youth who bore in his hand a fairy branch with apples of red gold amidst it's green leaves. When one shook the branch sweet music issued from the fruit, which lulled everyone who heard it to sleep and forgetfullness.
    Cormac coveted the branch and asked the youth if he would sell it to him. The lad said he would do so for a good price. Cormac asked what was the price. "I shall take no less for it than thy wife Eithne, thy son Cairbre, and thy daughter Ailbe."
    "Thou shalt have thy price," said Cormac, he then brought the branch into his house and told his wife and son and daughter, he had given them in exchange for it. When they heard this sorrow filled their hearts. Cormac shook the branch and when his wife and children heard the sweet music they forgot their troubles and went at Cormac's bidding to meet the man to whom they had been sold.
    After a year had passed Cormac went to look for his wife, son and daughter.
    In a short time he entered a great forest. He came upon a number of men thatching a house with the feathers of foreign birds half the roof was covered with the feathers. Then the men went to look for more in a distant country. When they were gone the wind rose and they were all blown off.
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