School: Baile Uí Mhurchadha, Borris

Ballymurphy, Co. Carlow
Michael Ó Seachnasaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0904, Page 121

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0904, Page 121

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  3. XML “The Mouse as Bride”

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  1. One time there was a King and he had three sons. They went to a hunt one day and the three got married. One of them got married to a white mouse. When he was going on with the hunt he heard lovely singing in a castle. He went to the door of the castle and knocked at it. A nurse came to the door and he asked her was there anyone living in the castle only herself, she said that there was a little white mouse. He said he would not break his promise, because he said that if it was a woman that was singing he would marry her and so he stayed there and married the white mouse. But after a few weeks he asked could he go home to see his parents. He went home and when his father saw him he hold him that his two brothers were also married and his son said that he had done the same. The father said that it was no harm if he had a good wife. He also said that he was telling his other two sons to tell their two wives to make a shirt for him, and which ever shirt would be the finest that woman and her husband would get a third part of his prosperity. So the white mouse's husband went home and hold his wife all that had happened and she told him not to be down-hearted. So when the day came that when he was to go to his fathers house, he got up and ate
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    AT0402: The Mouse (Cat, Frog, etc.) as Bride
    Mary Doran
    Ballybrack, Co. Carlow